The collaborative efforts of three EU-funded projects, Coldspark®, Storming, and Titan were presented during a joint online webinar that gathered experts and innovators from across Europe on 27 September 2023. With an audience of more than 100 attendees from industry and academia, the event underscored the growing interest in sustainable energy solutions and fostered in-depth discussions on the EU level, sparking the interest in innovative clean solutions.

The event was organized in three main parts. The webinar kicked off with a comprehensive overview of the policy landscape for (bio)methane cracking. The focus extended to policy aspects of the methane and hydrogen sectors, addressing gaps and pitfalls in the current landscape. The hydrogen value chain was explored, shedding light on upcoming developments and limitations in the European hydrogen sector.

The heart of the webinar showcased groundbreaking technologies developed by each of the three sister projects — Coldspark®, Storming, and Titan. The projects presented innovative solutions aimed at converting methane into usable hydrogen and solid carbon materials. This central part highlighted the technological advancements presented by the three projects, emphasising their potential in reshaping the (bio)methane cracking field.

The last segment of the meeting included a dynamic panel discussion that explored synergies, replication potential, and the technology’s uptake in the sector. This interactive session facilitated collaboration and knowledge sharing among participants, including project partners, innovators, policymakers, and industry leaders.

The (Bio)Methane Cracking Webinar successfully brought together stakeholders committed to advancing a greener and more sustainable energy sector. The discussions and presentations showcased a great interest in the immense potential of (bio)methane cracking in advancing carbon-negative hydrogen production and solid carbon materials.

Check the Coldspark® presentation by the project coordinator and learn more about the simple and effective solutions provided by the project.