On 15th June 2023 a workshop on “Revolutionizing hydrogen with ColdSpark® from biomethane” was held in blended form in Liverpool. It was the first public event organised by the ColdSpark® consortium highlighting the successes reached in the implementation of the project’s cold methane cracking technology on lab scale. The workshop showcased the groundbreaking advancements reached in the project development and proved the fact that the process is viable and will play an important role in shaping the sustainable energy future.

The workshop was opened by Terje Hauan, the project coordinator from SEID AS with a captivating presentation on the importance of plasma technologies for the energy landscape. His presentation included an overview of the project’s objectives and the initial results achieved at the laboratory scale. He emphasized the viability of the ColdSpark® technology compared to the water electrolysis due to the 7 times less energy needed to crack the molecule bonds. Terje’s presentation highlighted the SEID pulsed system’s unique ability to ensure rapid changes in electricity, making the cold methane cracking process viable. A video demonstration showcased the separation process at the laboratory scale, captivating the workshop attendees.

During the workshop, all project partners were given the opportunity to present their organizations, achievements, and respective roles in the project, underscoring the significance of collaborative efforts. The crucial importance of investing in the biogas industry as an essential source for producing H2 using ColdSpark® technology was also highlighted.

The biogas as a potential source for the ColdSpark® technology was the main topic of the presentations of the biogas experts Michael Koettner and Katrin Kayser. They made an overview of the biogas production technology and the increasing number of plants across various European countries. The affordability and potential applications of biomethane were highlighted, especially in conjunction with ColdSpark® technology. He delved into the crucial topic of biogas upgrading and the utilization of biomethane in vehicles. Koettner provided a comprehensive overview of existing biomethane upgrading technologies, emphasizing their role in creating a more sustainable transportation sector. Further enriching the workshop, Katrin Kayser, enlightened the audience about feedstock for biogas production, the different types of anaerobic digestion plants, and the utilization of biogas.

In his closing remarks, Terje Hauan expressed his gratitude for the expertise and collaborative efforts of all project partners, which have propelled the project’s progress. Carbon samples already produced at the laboratory scale were showcased, underlining the project’s advancements.

The workshop in Liverpool sets a promising trajectory for the ColdSpark® project as it works towards the summer of 2024, when the market product is expected to be available. With container options capable of producing 500 kg, 1000 kg, and 1500 kg per day, ColdSpark® aims to revolutionize the energy landscape by providing an innovative, sustainable, and economically viable solution.

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