The ColdSpark project, led by SEID AS, has unveiled its initial public results, garnering immediate media recognition from The project has successfully achieved the conversion of biomethane into biohydrogen and solid carbon particles in a laboratory setting, marking a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable solutions. This breakthrough was announced during the inaugural ColdSpark workshop on Sustainable Hydrogen Production, held two weeks ago. 

The article from highlights the ColdSpark project’s innovative approach announcing it as groundbreaking in the realm of sustainable solutions, with promising outcomes that pave the way for practical implementation of the technology. The production of solid carbon particles through low-temperature pyrolysis of biomethane offers numerous potential applications in areas such as:

  • Renewable energy storage
  • Sustainable materials
  • Carbon-based electronics
  • Environmental remediation
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • and more.

As announced, it is anticipated that full-scale commercial systems will be available by mid to late 2024. This ambitious timeline underscores SEID’s and all ColdSpark partners’ commitment to advancing this groundbreaking technology, striving to make it commercially accessible as soon as possible.

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