The April 2024 Consortium meeting held in Norway served as a platform for ColdSpark® project partners to engage in a series of impactful stakeholder meetings, exploring the potential applications of the project’s products. These discussions offered a unique opportunity for all involved to assess future possibilities and gain insight into the expectations of potential business partners.

A visit to CealTech, a company dedicated to developing and commercializing graphene-enabled products and solutions, yielded valuable insights into the potential applications of ColdSpark® e-carbon. CealTech’s diverse business portfolio, spanning from raw graphene to finished products like battery electrodes, inspired future uses of ColdSpark®-produced carbon. Currently undergoing characterization by the University of Stavanger, the ColdSpark® carbon holds promise for various applications, with potential modifications to the production process enhancing its versatility.

Another significant meeting took place at Beyonder, where discussions centred on the potential utilization of ColdSpark® e-carbon in battery production. Partners gained a deeper understanding of battery production processes and the specific qualities of carbon required for optimal performance.

The stakeholder events included a possible synergy-building meeting with the Robinson H2020 project. Complex by its nature, the project aims to develop an integrated energy system to help decarbonise (industrialised) islands. As part of the process, the project deploys newly developed technologies, including hydrogen-related technologies (electrolyser and storage system), which was of particular interest to the ColdSpark® partners who seized the opportunity for an on-site visit to the electrolyser and engaged in discussions regarding the application of hydrogen produced in a nearby factory.