The ColdSpark® Fourth Consortium meeting took place in Stavanger, Norway, and was jointly hosted by local partners SEID, the project coordinator, and the University of Stavanger in collaboration with NORCE.

This meeting played an important role in advancing the ColdSpark® project. Occurring shortly after the project’s periodic reporting, it provided an opportunity for partners to assess progress to date and strategize upcoming activities, drawing from valuable feedback from the Commission.

The meeting focused on practical aspects, including a comprehensive review of each work package’s status and future endeavours. The second day was entirely dedicated to in-depth technical discussions and the development of an action plan to address all identified challenges.

Additionally, the meeting incorporated stakeholder engagements at CealTech and Beyonder, both companies offering valuable insights into the market applications of the carbon produced from the ColdSpark® methane cracking process.

The last day of the activities included a possible synergy-building meeting with Robinson H2020 project producing hydrogen through electrolysis.