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Discover ColdSpark®: what to expect from the project?

COLDSPARK® is a Research and Innovation project (Grant agreement No. 101069931) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

The goal of the project is to develop and test a novel plasma reactor that can produce high-value carbon and hydrogen from methane at a low energy cost (15 kWh/kg H2 produced) without the use of catalysts or water.

The lab
The innovative plasma reactor will be tested at a lab scale before being validated at a larger scale in conjunction with the power supply pursuing the industry’s most power-efficient generation of hydrogen alongside high-value carbon.

What does it mean in practice?
The project will also validate the novel non-thermal plasma technology to produce hydrogen at an industrial scale. This will be achieved by designing an industrially relevant reactor that leverages the best features of the non-thermal plasma technologies, gliding arc and corona discharge, to ensure high efficiency and scalability.

The ColdSpark® project will significantly advance our understanding of methane cracking mechanisms and H2 production. The project will achieve TRL5, meaning that the integrated ColdSpark® Methane Cracking plasma large-scale prototype will be validated in its intended environment.
The ColdSpark® process contributes to global zero emissions.

ColdSpark® is built on a strong consortium of 7 organisations from Norway, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, and the UK, each with complementary expertise.

First results: 

  • Concept design of the Corona Plasma Reactor is complete and is in the process of finalizing the reactor construction drawing.
  • Currently undergoing internal test lab safety measures and risk assessments.

ColdSpark® Kick-off meeting:

The Kick-off meeting of the ColdSpark® project has been organized between 15th and 18th of June in Sandnes, Norway and hosted by the project coordinator SEID AS. It was a great occasion for all participants to discuss their future work and expectations from the project implementation. The first meeting was dedicated to presenting in detail the project goals, the planned activities, and the roles of the partners.
Workshops and discussions were organized for each of the work packages to allow in-depth discussions on the project objectives and the ways to achieve its goals. The richness of these exchanges promises smooth and intensive collaboration in the years to come.

ColdSpark® visibility: participation in events

SEID AS at the ONS 2022 in Stavanger from 29th August to 1st September

SEID was present at the ONS exhibition and conference to showcase the ColdSpark® technology.
The intention of being present at one of the largest energy conferences in Europe was to introduce an alternative technique for production of sustainable hydrogen and carbon from methane to selected clients and potential new clients.
SEID AS aimed to give the conference visitors a thorough understanding of the working principles and status of ColdSpark® and received massive feedback from the audience, which has led to many follow-up meetings.

SEID AS at GH2 summit in New Delhi, India from 8th -  9th September

SEID was present at the GH2 summit presenting the ColdSpark® technology and potential applications for the Indian market.
The intention was to give a holistic perspective on green and low-carbon hydrogen production and compare electrolysers with ColdSpark® and Methane Pyrolysis techniques. The coordinator extensively interacted with the audience, leading to many leads and partnerships.

SEID AS - E. ON workshop on 28th September, SEID AS, Stavanger

SEID conducted a workshop (Decarbonization & VCM workshop), that included participants from UN, and major energy industries. A demonstration of the plasma technology was conducted.

Where to meet us by the end of 2022?

ColdSpark® is online

ColdSpark® is benefiting from a large online visibility. The project website was launched at the end of September 2022 and is providing information on the main objectives, planned course of action, as well as progress and all publicly accessible results of the project.
Since the very beginning of the project, ColdSpark® has been actively promoted on LinkedIn.

Visit our website and follow us to find more!

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